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Will the Egyptian FA seek a new sponsor?

Exclusive: Öpaleak has obtained information regarding the current situation between the Egyptian Football Association and Puma.

head of the Africa Cup of Nations in Cote d’Ivoire, the Egyptian FA extended its partnership with Puma for an extended long period. However, the shortcomings of the Ultraweave technology were evident during high humidity, raising questions about the future of this sponsorship.

The Ultraweave issue wasn’t limited to Egypt’s jerseys; it was also observed in all Puma-sponsored national teams like Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, and Cote d’Ivoire.

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Developed in late 2021, this technology debuted on an Italy jersey, marking it as the lightest football jersey ever created. However, it was never subjected to testing in African competitions, where humidity and temperatures reach their peak.

Immediately following the AFCON, the Egyptian federation reached out to Puma to address the issue of jerseys sticking to players’ bodies within minutes of running, particularly in high humidity conditions.

Puma’s response was to defer action until after AFCON 25 in Morocco, where they are actively developing a new technology tailored to better suit African national teams than the current one.

In recent matches, the Egyptian national teams have opted for dryCell jerseys (Fan version) as their preferred attire on the pitch. This choice has proven to be a favorable solution for them during their recent games. Furthermore, this choice reaffirms our earlier assertion.

The Egyptian FA recently received offers from UMBRO and Adidas. More information is expected to be available soon.

In your view, do you think Egypt should stick with Puma as its kit supplier, or should they contemplate switching to a different brand?



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