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Rumor: Japan to release Y-3 Collaboration Kit on June 6?

y-3 japan_Thumbnail

May 12, “Sports Nippon”, a Japanese press has reported that Japan × Y-3 collaboration kit may release on June 6.

On June 6, Japan will play against Myanmar in the second qualifying round of the World Cup 2026. It is likely to be worn for the first time in that match.

Y-3 is a brand launched in 2004 by renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Y-3 has collaborated twice before and once individually with the shirts of his favourite football club, Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Y-3 22-23
Real Madrid Y-3 2022-23
Real Madrid Y-3 2023-24
Real Madrid Y-3 2023-24

Here are two of our predictions for this collaboration. Let’s see.

(1) What kind of design will it be?

This collaboration could be part of Y-3’s 2024 Spring & Summer collection.

Y-3 main

The concept of the collection is ‘Contra-Natural’, which describes a world where novel beauty is created from the conflict between organic and synthetic materials.

Of particular interest is a collection of designs inspired by Teamgeist 2006.

Y-3 2024 Spring & Summer collection_01
Y-3 2024 Spring & Summer collection_02

Y-3 says that those collection have the pattern designs inspired by the rich colour variations naturally found in copper and rust.

The image below shows a render of a prediction kit based on the design.

y-3 Japan prediction
y-3 Japan prediction_02

(2) Whether the Y-3 logo exists.

Japan kit

According to the article, the Y-3 collaboration kit will be the new kit for Japan for Paris 2024.

As there is no precedent for a collaboration with a national football kit, there is no information on the presence or absence of the Y-3 logo.

However, there are two examples of previous collaborations where the Y-3 logo was not used.

The first is the Real Madrid 2014/15 third kit.

Real Madrid 2014-15 Third
Real Madrid 2014-15 Third

This design, which featured a monochrome colour scheme with a dragon, was designed by Yohji Yamamoto, the founder of the Y-3 brand. As it was not under the Y-3 name, the Y-3 logo was not placed.

Y-3 all blacks 2019
Y-3 all blacks 2019_02

The second was the 2019 jersey of the Rugby All Blacks. Despite the pattern on these jerseys being designed by Y-3, the Y-3 logo was not placed.

Even if they did collaborate, it can be assumed that the Y-3 logo would not be placed on the national team jerseys.

If the Y-3 logo is not placed, we cannot create a prediction render due to lack of accurate information.

Japan Y-3 Thumbnail

Strangely, we have heard very little leaked information about this kit so far. Therefore, all eyes will be on Japan on 6 June to see if they actually release it or not.

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