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Fenerbahçe SK Home & Away Kits Leaked


Öpaleak has the exclusive scoop on Fenerbahçe’s highly anticipated home and away jerseys for the 2024/25 season. Get ready to be among the first to glimpse the vibrant new designs the Turkish giants will don on the pitch next season.

UPDATE : We have recevied the first two offcial CAD images of Fenerbahçe SK Home & Away Kits.



UPDATE : We have recevied info that the side panels color for the home jersey will be yellow and not blue .


Thanks to @muratLola  for the renders.


Fenerbahçe SK 2024/2025 Home Jersey 



The Fenerbahçe 2024/25 home jersey features the iconic stripe design in the club’s traditional colors, blue and yellow. This season, Puma has named the colors “Speed Yellow” and “Blue Violet,” ensuring a fresh yet classic look that resonates with fans. This distinctive design celebrates the club’s rich heritage while incorporating modern elements that are sure to excite supporters and players alike.

The official Images will be shared on this article soon.

More Views of the Shirt.



The images we received show a basic stadium fan version, so the exact colors of the side panels are currently uncertain. Here are some renders and options.


The colors to be used in the home jersey are “Blue Violet.” and “Speed Yellow.”



Fenerbahçe SK 2024/2025 Away Jersey



The Fenerbahçe 2024/25 away jersey features a primary color of pristine white, adorned with a traditional blue pattern that beautifully incorporates elements inspired by the club’s iconic logo and rich Turkish culture. This elegant design pays homage to Fenerbahçe’s storied heritage, blending contemporary aesthetics with classic motifs. The intricate blue detailing, reminiscent of traditional Turkish art, adds a layer of sophistication and pride, making the jersey not only a symbol of team spirit but also a piece of cultural expression. Fans wearing this jersey will celebrate both their love for the club and the deep-rooted traditions that it represents.


Here are some additional perspectives on the Fenerbahçe 2024/25 away kit. Similar to the home kit, we have only received a basic stadium version, so the colors on the side panels are not yet confirmed.



Here is the Blue Pattern inspired by the club’s crest.


Let’s now take a look at the current Fenerbahçe Home and Away Kits made by Puma.


Fenerbahçe SK 2023/2024 Home Jersey 

Fenerbahçe SK 2023/2024 Away Jersey 


What do you think of the new 2024/25 jerseys? Do you like the design, or do you think Puma could be more creative? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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