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Exclusive Manchester United 2024/25 Home Jersey Leaked

UPDATE: Following our exclusive leak of the complete kit last week, we are thrilled to unveil the first images showcasing both the front and back views.

Front View
Back View

Öpaleak has unveiled the first authentic image of Manchester United’s 2024/25 home jersey exclusively on X.

Today, we are excited to exclusively reveal the first complete image of Manchester United’s 2024/25 home jersey, along with some bonus renders.

Manchester United 2024/25 Home Kit 

Here is the first exclusive image of Manchester United’s 2024/25 home jersey.


Let’s take a closer look at the jersey’s details.

A gradient pattern of two shades of red is also noticeable, covering the front of the shirt, giving the jersey a unique and special design.

The new, larger Adidas logo is prominently displayed on the jersey. Additionally, it’s important to note that this will be the first time Snapdragon will be featured as the primary sponsor for Manchester United.

As mentioned, the Manchester United new jersey will feature white details on the collar and the Adidas three stripes placed on the shoulders.

In the front lower part of the jersey, two panels are in a more vibrant red, known as Persian red.

It’s worth mentioning that Manchester United’s next season jersey will use the exact same template as the Real Madrid away jersey we exclusively leaked a few weeks ago.

Let’s take a look at the current Manchester United 2023/24 home jersey.

Adidas Manchester United 2023/24 Home Jersey.

Let’s now take a look at some amazing redners made by @rockonbaPES and @greaher9.

After seeing the new ersey ,which one do you prefer? Did the new jersey meet your expectations? Let us knoz n the comments section bellow.

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